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Member Since: 28 Oct 2007
Last Seen: 28 Oct 2007
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razor cult le
Razor Cult 7 Skate SPECIAL EDITION
deshi k 3


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Remz 06 two
07 Feb 2008 comment on Remz 06 two

nice but my set up es mejor remz 06 two f1 frame ,deshi sol plate , jug liner, eulogy wheels crap brig, razor u-cutt cuf
Razor G6
26 Nov 2007 comment on Razor G6

nice skate,got it next week.cant sleep until i get it
USD Sean Kelso Pro Skate 2007
31 Oct 2007 comment on USD Sean Kelso Pro Skate 2007

fuck this skates ~sean kelson jajajaja ~ i go for usd rachard throne skates a[color=#0066cc] [/color] Rachard Johnson first classic throne pro model skate. All Red Throne Shell with V-Cut Cuffs, New Sifika liners, New 50/50 8 wheel Core frames, Abec 5 bearings, and Rachard Johnson Pro M1 Urethane wheels jajajaj lo mejor de lo mejor perdedores
Deshi Mary with Razors frames
30 Oct 2007 comment on Deshi Mary with Razors frames

y sabes queria saber tambien q si los agujeros de el soul plate concuerdan con los de la bota o tienes q hacer nuebos agujero ?
Deshi Mary with Razors frames
30 Oct 2007 comment on Deshi Mary with Razors frames

hey nesecito saber q numero es tu soul plate y tu bota y si estan pesados o esta o livianos, me gustan sabes se ben bien

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