bunch of skateparts

Some oldschool gear I bought online!
Mostly for fun cause I don't really think I'm going to use this. -


stubbsy 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

use the crankstraps, or else i'll kill you. they're too good to buy and not use.
nitm2k NL says (27 Aug 2008)

<br>Check my add (Roces Ventronic)<br><br>The best thing about these Crankstraps is that they where new!<br>
Bassbeton6996 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

and these are the good ones with the metal straps. later the produced them only with that kind of paracord. those with paracord sucked.
nitm2k NL says (27 Aug 2008)

I didn't really know that. I was amazed someone sold all of this and so I grabbed a hand with me. But if anyone is interested I don't mind selling stuff on. The Rollerblade plates aren't my size and some of these parts I got too much of already yet the price was awesome!
punkpc US says (28 Aug 2008)

you want to sell any of that stuff? I could use the crank straps badly!!!
living_on_skates 00 says (28 Aug 2008)

yoo man, die rollerblade sliders.. verkoop je die? add me op msn als het kan ;) living-on-skates@hotmail.com
nitm2k NL says (29 Aug 2008)

Yeah I only use one pair of the strapps at the moment!
Thisissoul NL says (29 Aug 2008)

Wow, it's the soulplate of the very first USD (then called "up side down") skate. It is the USD - Damocles wich had the same shell as the present razors cult models. [img]http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/9169/pict0011bl3xp1.jpg[/img]
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (14 Sep 2008)

[b][size="5"][font=Times New Roman,Times,serif;]hey man, wut size r the rollerblade soul/sliders?[/font] [/b][/size]
nitm2k NL says (14 Sep 2008)

I got the soul in white size 27,0 the one in black size 28,5 sliders in brown in size 4 (27,0-28,5) red in size 3 (25,0-26,5) and grey in size 3 also. Hope you can use them cause over here they are waiting for a new owner:D
nitm2k NL says (14 Sep 2008)

Hey by the way Ivo if you could use some of it I could send you, I don't need the soulpate:D

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