Black White Carbon

Deshi Carbon Fiber
Size 7
Small 50/50 Core Balance frames
Austin Paz 57mm Eulogy wheels flat
Crap Bearings - 50/50 Core Balance


RollsOnRemz 00 says (01 Aug 2009)

great skate and the colors are awesome too...but i had 50/50 frames and they are so heavy, tell me how crap bearings are, i never tried them !
austin sullivan
austin sullivan 00 says (01 Aug 2009)

craps are undoubtedly the best bearings in my mind, haven't messed up a set yet in the years ive used them. Actually have had these 2 sets that i use in my skates for over 2 years i think, which was the last time i had bought bearings. 50/50's aren't bad at all loving them actually nice and short frame which i like plus shallow groove with a big split can put nearly 4 fingers between the middle wheels.
Ix42 00 says (07 Aug 2009)

pretty sweet . did you fall much when you started doing flat?
Ix42 00 says (07 Aug 2009)

pretty sweet . did you fall much when you started doing flat?
austin sullivan
austin sullivan 00 says (02 Sep 2009)

Nah, i never stick but thats cause i learned all my tricks proper. 50/50 core balance frames are hands down best frames on the market right now for flat. I'd reccomend trying it, if you get some 53 or 54mm eulogys crap bearings (makes such a difference between crap's and normal bearings) and 50/50 core balance frames you will love it garunteed.

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Uploaded by: austin sullivan

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: Carbon Skate

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Uploaded: 01 Aug 2009
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