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Country: DE United Kingdom
State: Lancashire
City: Abbots ripton


Member Since: 29 Nov 2012
Last Seen: 10 May 2013
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Fusion 90
Fusion X3 with Kizer PB Abvance
Fusion X3 with frame powerslide cell 2
USD Carbon Custom
Salomon Rob Thompson
ST9 Powerblade
Carbon Free Powered by Strickywear
Deshi Kicks
Deshi Louie Zamora 1 skate
Colin Kelso 2 PRO SKATE
deshi colin kelso 1
Deshi CK1 custom
Deshi Spizer
Deshi Colin Kelso with FS frames
Colin Kelso II
Deshi Colin Kelso 1
DK3 Louie Zamora
colin kelso

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Generic Crap Skates
29 Nov 2012 comment on Generic Crap Skates

Yep - a Powerslide Cell 1 boot - frame looks photoshopped. Heel lok crank strap looks pointless, as Powerslide Cell skates have an ankle strap that would be underneath that crank strap.
powerblade minton 1s
29 Nov 2012 comment on powerblade minton 1s

Did you mean to mount the frame back-to-front?

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