King 55 - UFS mod

These things skate amazingly.

UFS converted King 55's using a USD Carbon soulplate and Valo frame. I had to replace all the straps because of the materials degrading and becoming sticky, cleaning the sticky residue off the white parts was a proverbial pain. The heel cups were liberated from a K2 fitness skate and flatten the bottom of the boots as well as mount the heel straps (also cut off the fitness skate). Inside, under the stock insole (with the thinner stock shock absorber removed), is a cut down Xsjado shock absorber because I'm used to a raised heel.

Size L Valo frames, 56mm 88a wheels and ABEC 5 bearings.

To come: some waxed laces, better bearings, I need to fix the sticky edges and I may try to strengthen/rubberise/darken the toe. I don't want them to wear out but they just look so good without the toecap.

In around 20 years of rollerblading I've never had a more responsive, comfortable and perfect fitting skate.


ev13wt 00 says (24 Jul 2012)

Very nice mod! I always wanted a pair of King 55s back in the days but then they were too expensive...
dee2er 00 says (26 Jul 2012)

Thanks. They've taken quite a bit of effort but luckily haven't cost anywhere near the original cost of the boot.

Back in the day whenever I would go to buy some Fatty Pro I'd always wind up leaving the store with Roces...
Justin US says (01 Sep 2012)

This looks awesome. I tried this with TRS souls or something since Carbons hadn't been released yet. The boot flexed so much at the bottom. Good call mounting it down. I would do 4 screws total in the heel block though.
dee2er 00 says (07 Sep 2012)

Yeah, without the extra mounting screws the sole felt dangerously flexable. I had indended to do four in each heel but I didn't have enough hardware. The screw either side of the frame plus the UFS bolt form the points of a triangle and it feels good and solid. I may eventually add another couple of screws though, it couldn't hurt.
GlennMcL NZ says (11 Jan 2013)

Awesome! Used to roll 55's and had best time on skates of my life. Royale's were easier that sleeping.
KIDesign 00 says (07 Mar 2016)

Hello , id like to do something similar to the 55s I just bought. Any chance I could compensate you for some of your time and knowledge? any info appreciated. Thank you.
dee2er 00 says (07 Mar 2016)

If you still have the stock frames and wheels in decent condition I'd skate them like that first. Stock Face 60's flat rockered up in the stock frame is a wonderful combo (and prob sits lower than Aeons on 60s).

I'm happy to help out with advice should you want to mod them though. There's a fantastic thread on be-mag forums about flattening out the stock healcup to fit to carbon souls (I used a different healcup but the same technique except I didn't grind down the soul plates just added extra screws for stability). Were I to do this mod again now I would use different soul plates. The carbon souls look awesome but slow down quickly, now I'd try Xsjado 2.0, Seba or Symetrics souls before using Carbon ones again.

The other major change I'd make doing this mod now would be some extra screws holding the front of the boot to the soul plate as well as the UFS bolt as they would have stayed stable longer (at least I think so), sort of like Adapts 6 mount system I guess.
KIDesign 00 says (02 Jun 2016)

Ok. So now I have a pair all stock, and a kinda beat up pair I want to mod. Do you have an email that I could correspond with you directly? id really like to get some tips, maybe I have some gear I can trade for your time. Thanks in advance. OH AND! any advice on the ever persisting "sticky strap" problem.

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Uploaded by: dee2er

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: UFS K2

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