This is the original MambaK2/Technology/720Farf/A6Andromeda/ShinyFruits/Sydney/DanielMedovich Pro Model.

Word on the street is that the legendary 630 farf (going fast as hell, across two quarters), featured in the non-fictional but really existing freestyle rolling video VG ROOTZ (not VG 20, just VG Roots) was performed in these skates.

Of course these skates weren't out then, but as pro for K2 our hero was obviously riding the prototypes.
Some say this was the first real 'freestyle rolling' trick ever, way ahead of its time, as Mamba was wearing ancient warrior type shit clothes and told Dido to take off her bra while spinning into the trick.

Commentators have uttered speculations that this skate might lead the way to the last remaining copy of TEH ROOTZ, as secret instructions how to find the well hidden video might be carved into the inner boot. -


tobstah 00 says (07 Jun 2007)

Haha I'm not Mamba, he just posted his skates on bemag and I thought I'd put them up here and eplain a bit of the 'history'. And they are not actually protoypes, just regular lennen pros. Sorry for the confusion, this is a Vg r00tz insider thing.
Roll_Model 00 says (23 Jun 2007)

[quote=Mamba]fucking LOL those are my skates and im offering 1000$ for VG ROOTS , which isnt vg 20 roots, which shows what really IS K2 ! contact me daniel.medovich@gmail.com if u have this video. Mamba 720 Farf[/quote] I have rootz
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

Is it just me or are you all insane? I have seen a bunch of kids around with these skates and the scene isn't even that big here. This skate came out after the Nemisis and before that gay one with the refective silver shit on it

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Uploaded by: tobstah

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: UFS K2

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Uploaded: 03 Jun 2007
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