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Wu-Tang G8
11 Sep 2008 comment on Wu-Tang G8

hahahah the buckle is backwards! dude, concentrate on your skating cuz you f'd those skates up bad. put on black soulplates and cuff and you might be able to save those ugly ass skates. Next time, try drawing/colouring what you want your skate to look like on paper first before raping a perfectly good pair of Genz :no:
Wu-Tang G8
11 Sep 2008 comment on Wu-Tang G8

Man, it looks like Dennis Rodman raped a Razors skate and that popped out his but 8 months later. Then after the abomination was born, a dude from china claiming to be from wu-tang bitch slapped the rodmen/gen skate. haha all jokes aside. They look horrible. Never use that many colours together. Nor those colours. Mango, pinkish/red, red black and purple don't go together dude. Pick 2 solid colours that actually go together next time.
Roces ATH huge mod
11 Sep 2008 comment on Roces ATH huge mod

You horny losers need to chill. The instant you see a cute girl with rollerblades you turn into a mindless hard on spooging all over your keyboard. lovein relax. Seems like every single post is like...oh I'd fuck her or oh she's ugly or she's hot I'd do her. Seriously, grow the hell up. .....children... By the way. Nice job on the skates. I never seen a pair of Roces I liked before. 10/10 if there was a 10. Only thing I would change...I would have used white soulplates and cuffs. but that's personal preference.
Realm Black
11 Sep 2008 comment on Realm Black

50/50 frames suck. I have had the non reversable ones, balance, balance core and core freestyle and they were all shit. yes they slid well but I also broke each of them within 6 months. Not to mention 50/50 seems to use sub-quality hardware that strips very easily. 50/50 frames are by far the worst on the market. Go with ANYTHING else.
Deshi Spizer 1 Custom
06 Sep 2008 comment on Deshi Spizer 1 Custom

They are a size 10. E-mail me. We can talk more. caker_blader@hotmail.com

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