UFS K2 250cc

Huh, cannot use certain punctuation marks, this will be fun!

Size 11 US, UFS K2 250cc, Size large USD Carbon soul plates, Size large Fiziks frames, 57mm Face wheels, Bones Swiss Super 6 bearings! Grinds feel very close to the bottom of my foot, the soul plate grooves are set just a touch behind the frame groove for more natural feeling royales and farvs! It really feels like the older style skates, minus the one piece toe plate backslide plate and the ability to control backslides and royales the same way, but I can actually do farvs and torques with ease and I feel almost nothing when I go over bumps or cracks because of the frames! If K2 took this idea and made it their own by integrating the soul plate and cuff as one piece or making the cuff internal like with the King 55s, they would dominate the industry again by making lightweight, comfortable and durable skates with truly replaceable parts!


halcyon 00 says (22 Apr 2011)

Those would sell soooooooo fast if they were ever re released like that.
DenZense CO says (16 May 2011)

very nice custom
torQQue FR says (04 Jul 2011)

great how did you do? you sawed the front of the souplate?
k2rolla US says (10 Aug 2011)

For a general overview of the modification, go here: http://www.be-mag.com/msgboard/showthread.php/42556-Customization-sticky.?p=794719&viewfull=1#post794719
kidkoala 00 says (22 Nov 2011)

Do you think you could give a smaller summary of how to put carbon soulplates on fatty's? I have an old pair that I got for cheap and I love 'em and all, yada yada, really small soul plates.
Do you know if you have to go at such lengths for the fatty's?
k2rolla US says (22 Nov 2011)

I do not suggest doing the above modification on any K2s where the soul plates are glued onto the boots. You will ruin the boots trying to pry everything apart.
KIDesign 00 says (07 Mar 2016)

Would I be able to use your overview to do this to the king 55's?

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Uploaded by: k2rolla

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: UFS K2

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