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Country: DE United States
State: Indiana
City: Indianapolis


Member Since: 21 Apr 2011
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King 55
09 Jan 2012 comment on King 55

Nevermind, I guess the photos can't be updated. What the hell?
King 55
09 Jan 2012 comment on King 55

Also, I popped the toe cap off. I've updated the photo. Looks so much better :)
King 55
09 Jan 2012 comment on King 55

I don't think that pressure point is from the cuff bolts. I removed the black plastic strap guards on the boot itself, as well as the brass lace hooks. They were digging into my ankles so bad!

Now that those are gone, I lace the skates up really tight, but only push the buckle through about 3-4 clicks, and tighten the instep strap pretty loose.

Also, I heat molded my boots in the oven for 20 minutes @ 200 degrees F, then put laces in them, the insole and a gel heel pad, laced them up as tight as I could stand them for 30 minutes, before I removed the strap protectors and lace hooks.
King 55
08 Jan 2012 comment on King 55

They are size 11 US, and no, I won't part with them. Sorry :)

I saw your K2 collection, pretty impressive, I've owned all of those except for the Naturals.

I have the original Fatty Pros from them 90s, a red pair of the 250ccs, a yellow pair of the 250ccs, King 55s, Transfers and Varsity's.
RB Solo Tribe HD
27 Dec 2011 comment on RB Solo Tribe HD

Those skates actually look pretty good with Carbon plates. Nice job :)

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