Nimh Boot, Razors Cult Souls and Backslides, GC Formula 1 Frame Blk with Drk Grey and Jug Neoprene Liners, 4x4 Wheels and Vicious Bearings. - F1


mobtown 00 says (02 Dec 2007)

I love them but the toe looks like it's sticking out
unesinglecellsind 00 says (02 Dec 2007)

nice dose any one no how thay skate?
smewp slompy
smewp slompy 00 says (02 Dec 2007)

so lame. im telling you it's basically a non-ufs cult with new skins. and the stitching that's exposed at the toe is lame. stupid.
khaleb666 00 says (04 Dec 2007)

look gd but u shoulda put a usd 2 peice on a black one most probz would fit the jug liner make them look lush
dsmroller88 00 says (16 Dec 2007)

thats the funny thing abut nimh and valo. they are supposed to be NEW boots but all they are is old boots with skins put on them. nihm are razor boots with the toe cut off. valos are just roces m12. i give everyone props for trying to do something different and new for our industry, but make sumthing new not take sumthing old and cover it up. new design is what xsjado did, that is new. peace
scrEMO 00 says (17 Nov 2008)

i was in my local route one store and my mate lewis works in ti so we were messing around with the skates, so we managed to get a yellow razors soul plate on and featherlight frames. looked soooooo good like.
freestyleroller231 00 says (24 Dec 2008)

those are very nice.

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Category: Skates
Brand: Nimh
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