Elliot 3 Custom

Elliot 3 Boot
Icons 2 cuffs
Nimh souls
Double Buckle
Eulogy Levianos 08

Hopefully getting featherlite 2 soon. -


skatejamie GB says (16 Jan 2009)

Your skates are battered man! You have been skating a long time or really hard in these. I love to skate ledges as I can see you do, but it really chews up your skate doesn't it?
balepa 00 says (16 Jan 2009)

one of the best cults custom)
FourX4Boozer 00 says (17 Jan 2009)

really awsome setup concept, i give ya that...but they look like shitt man..
kiropancake 00 says (18 Jan 2009)

They're my first skate with a whole lot of parts. I went through two cult soulplates before I actually got nimh souls. I was so in love with cults that I didn't want to change brands or boots, so I just bought new parts. XD<br><br>Yeah, def a ledge fiend. Occasionally at the park, but street ledges are fun. :]<br>
Justin US says (18 Jan 2009)

you really did use these a lot. look at the shell, you can see the imprint from where the top of the razors bs plate and soul were. lol
freestyleroller231 00 says (18 Jan 2009)

thats pretty cool
kiropancake 00 says (18 Jan 2009)

If I ever do get bugged by the cuff/boot wear, i'll just slap on some nimh skins in the future. XD
skater_boy23 00 says (18 Jan 2009)

nice... i can see you used them :P that is the prob when you have plastic skates they get all scratched up
balepa 00 says (22 Jan 2009)

"If I ever do get bugged by the cuff/boot wear, i'll just slap on some nimh skins in the future. XD" would it fit ok? o.O(the nose is cut off there...)
callgar 00 says (14 Apr 2009)

hi i was wonder do i need to mod the boot in anyway eg. drill new holes and if i skate a size 11eu what size will i need thanks :)

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Uploaded by: kiropancake

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Cult

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Uploaded: 16 Jan 2009
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