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Member Since: 25 Jun 2007
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EB 1.4 Gray
EB.1 Black
AF3s inspired by Rachard
Rzrs SL A2s
Remz 06one


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EB.1 Black
06 May 2010 comment on EB.1 Black

[quote=eg0u3067]Yo man nice set up. Wat size r they?[/quote] these are size US10, sorry for the late response, but thanx for your compliment.;)
CH1 White  Gold
07 Aug 2009 comment on CH1 White Gold

beautiful!!! nuff said.
Farmer 339s
25 Jan 2009 comment on Farmer 339s

ive never sk8ed xsjado & i really dislike their looks, but these look clean. i love that gonzo LA frame (its where im 4rm), i know i don't have them, but if i would have these, i would get some GC F1 frames whites w/ a black freestyle h-block...that would look badass imo!!
Salomon STI
25 Jan 2009 comment on Salomon STI

nice old skool, clean look...i like, the frames look good on these
USD Classic Throne
17 Jan 2009 comment on USD Classic Throne

hahaha i have some size 10 classics too & they are a bit on the big side, but USD seemed to have done the right placing of the UFS bolt holes to be able to place the frame right on the middle, & not make the shell look so freaking huge...nice setup up btw :) any other brand but valo, this size would look like cruise liners LuLz =D

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