Rzrs SL A2s

Custom Rzrs SL A2s, Rmz Team Linrs, Jug A2 Footpads, Rmz OS V-Cuffs, Dbl Laces (Xtra Holes for Dbl Lace), GC F1 Frms, M1 Aragon Whls, M1 Antis, Rngd Swiss Brngs....(took a while 2 put em' 2gether cuz all parts weren't in stock @ da same time, but after a few weeks & shipments I finally got these bad boyz put 2gether & i'm finally gonna ride em' =). Hope u fellaz like em', cuz i'm lovin em!!!...Keep on RoLLin' 4x4 PeeZe!! -


delnotpre 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

wear u frum? i wooda put in highar liners in dem. also i gave u gud ratin cuz u hav gud pics. and lastly i wooda used diffarent liners dan remz cuz remz linars are way too thin an has no paddin.
FourX4Boozer 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

I'm frum OC,Cali, but rite now i'm in werkin in Austin,Tx so i put these 2gether here. There is a reason why i chose Remz liner 4 this setup & not many ppl know this, but i'm a sz 10-11 & Remz liners r thin/small enough 2 b able 2 fit in a sz 8-9 shell (i hate how f...ing big sz 10-11 shells look) so i experimented w/ my 10 liner & a 9 Shell & it worked (it's ALIVEEE!!it's ALIVEEEEE!!!)haha lol. any other liner brand wouln't work (too bulky), i've tried (TOOO Tight) & plus i like low liners, v-cuts, & remz liners have more than enough padding cuz my A2s r super comfy.. ...N e 1 out there w/ lrg size sk8s who might wanna take this advice 2 fit in a smaller shell.(It WoRX!)
delnotpre 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

wow dats crazy. imma sz 8 but i where a sz sevan linar in a sz 6-7 bewt. soooo much moar bettar. i haet the remz linar cuz theirs no support an it fels liek my ankuls r bein killed.<br><br>also dose 8-9 aragans SL's look big as hell. im definetly getting the 6-7 fur shure.<br><br>btw wth wut sz frams r dose? dey look big four da sk8<br>
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

those look beautiful.
delnotpre 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

[quote=Fortunate Few]those look beautiful.[/quote] but ur face isnt. y nawt?
ninja9 AU says (28 Mar 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]they look good, remz liners are comfy and good liners[/highlight]
thomazz 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

how much u paid incl. other parts?
EaseD 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

These extra Laceholes are an innovation :D
magnus 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

i dont normally like razors but they are sick!
FourX4Boozer 00 says (29 Mar 2008)

[quote=thomazz]how much u paid incl. other parts?[/quote] just over $400 with all the extra parts, plus shippin charges about 3-4 diff times........& 2 everyone else, thnx 4 da good comments, i appreciate them.
Justin US says (29 Mar 2008)

Nice color distribution.
P.A.U.L 00 says (31 Mar 2008)

good skates baby
Murda44 00 says (03 Apr 2008)

hi just wondering how do they skate compared to remz and razors?
joejamin121 00 says (08 Apr 2008)

these suck haha only joking best A2 setup yet
FourX4Boozer 00 says (09 Apr 2008)

[quote=joejamin121]these suck haha only joking best A2 setup yet[/quote] thnx 4 comp, u scared me there 4 a min. haha jk, best setup i've seen yet aswell...a lot ppl r gonna b gettin these, i hope we get 2 c a lot more good A2 setups uploaded & posted...
magnus 00 says (13 Apr 2008)

what are the v-cut cuffs like to skate?
xperiotto 00 says (17 Apr 2008)

[quote=magnus]what are the v-cut cuffs like to skate? [/quote] [highlight=#cccccc]I got the same question, and why f1's and not featherlite? do they slide better?[/highlight]
magnus 00 says (19 Apr 2008)

where the 2nd lace holes easy to drill?
FourX4Boozer 00 says (23 Apr 2008)

[quote=magnus]what are the v-cut cuffs like to skate? [/quote] v-cuffs give me more manuverability, feel more freedom on my feet, some how make's da sk8 feel lighter, plus a lot of support w/ even more flexability & just a personal preference, like wearing hi-top nike AF1s or da more casual less bulky lo-top nike AF1s. With these liners & cuffs da sk8 doesn't feel bulky up 2 ur shin, front or back, not to mention super comfy & it is so easy 2 put on & take off, it's just slip on & buckle..unlike my thrones w/ billy jugs which can take me a while 2 put on/off(hassle)... [quote=xperiotto]I got the same question, and why f1's and not featherlite? do they slide better? [/quote] When i ordered my sk8s, i initially ordered featherlites, but da size/color i wanted was not in stock so i went w/ my next best option & got the F1s. F1s slide really nice, so far im liking them, but i couldn't compare them to FLs, being that i haven't had da chance to ride them... [quote=magnus] where the 2nd lace holes easy to drill? [/quote] nope, just a few minutes.. i just didn't pre-draw the holes, so the precision was horrible, holes were all over the place...they didn't come out to bad though...well at least i can't really tell w/ the laces on...
magnus 00 says (04 May 2008)

calmoffatt ;D
calmoffatt ;D 00 says (03 Aug 2008)

[b]they are ugly mate , whats with the remz cuff [/b]
FourX4Boozer 00 says (07 Sep 2008)

[quote=calmoffatt ;D][b]they are ugly mate , whats with the remz cuff [/b][/quote] so is your face! what's with the [b]bold?[/b]..... ..plus, they've been a different set-up for a couple months now, [b]no more remz cuff[/b]
xsjado-er_harris 00 says (29 Nov 2008)

I'm gettin a pair of a2s second hand but with remz cuffs and liners so i may do the v-cut on the cuffs and was gonna do the extra lace holes anyway :P sorta stylin them on yours but I'll have a trusty pair o' kizers instead :D REAL nice custom man ;)
JamesWM2 GB says (29 Nov 2008)

You Are a GENIUSE !! You are God :L Thats sick they look amzing man
IBI_Remz93 00 says (22 Dec 2009)

im not liken the cuffs n liners on em. but fasho

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Uploaded by: FourX4Boozer

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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Uploaded: 28 Mar 2008
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