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Member Since: 03 Aug 2007
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UFS Browskow TRS skates
Deshi Mary with Razors frames
Rare Razors-like skates
Custom Broskow TRS with USD Souls
Rollerblade Dirk skates


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K2 Nemesis
08 Apr 2008 comment on K2 Nemesis

nice souls .<br>
07 Apr 2008 comment on 0802

are you sponsored by remz? also, is there there any thing technically different from that boot compared to all the other previous remz? they claim new boot design, but it looks the same to me.
Anarchy Combat 3
06 Apr 2008 comment on Anarchy Combat 3

[quote=Justin]I like it. Where can these skates be found? I've never seen them except on here.[/quote] Anarchys from England I believe. You can find em on eBay but at a rip off price.
Aragon 2
31 Mar 2008 comment on Aragon 2

do you feel they fit bigger than normal, or compared to the previous genesys boot?
usd allstar
30 Mar 2008 comment on usd allstar

[quote=joejamin121]it is your u tosser you're is you are now who looks silly 'point proven' [/quote] you dumb f--king sh-t eater. "i bet your shit aswell" means" I bet YOU ARE SHIT as well". look who tries to change the semantics after he's been owned like a little sh-tling that he is. the answer is YOU. f--king f-ggot. f--king dumba--. how dumb can you get?

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