USD Classic Throne

Black boot, white eyelets, white cuff, white cuff bolts, white buckle, white wrap around tumor plates, white GC DI frames, white GC anti rocker wheels, 2nd regime Randy Spizer outer wheels, Sifika Chicago liners. -


doozer 00 says (11 Jan 2009)

so sick. what size?
seeeeeeeek 00 says (11 Jan 2009)

size 10. so now everyone can feel free to leave messages about how they are boats and blah blah blah. come skate with me if u want to talk shit. out
Thisissoul NL says (11 Jan 2009)

classis setup. I do think yo defending yourself for a possible hate comment is a bit weird.
Kartal 00 says (11 Jan 2009)

they are not boats, they look good, i would like some white cuffs too
skatejamie GB says (11 Jan 2009)

Thats a nice setup. You don't need to be so defensive dude. There are not actually that many haters out there. Just stupid gromit kids.
doozer 00 says (11 Jan 2009)

ha ha, they are far from boats. i was askin the size cuz all the parts fit real well together. u seem pretty self conscious about you feet
seeeeeeeek 00 says (12 Jan 2009)

sorry guys. didn't mean to be defensive. i just read what guys write on other posts and didn't want it to turn into that
RBfoeva 00 says (13 Jan 2009)

so fresh so clean
RazorRoller313 00 says (14 Jan 2009)

the r boats ,but that is a dope ass setup its tight as fuck and they wont look bad wen they are on ur feet :) i gave um a 6
ninja9 AU says (15 Jan 2009)

they are massive boats, like a ocean liner, increduously epic, titanious ships with their sails set for the vast seas of skateable obstacles. How are the liners? nice setup
FourX4Boozer 00 says (17 Jan 2009)

hahaha i have some size 10 classics too & they are a bit on the big side, but USD seemed to have done the right placing of the UFS bolt holes to be able to place the frame right on the middle, & not make the shell look so freaking huge...nice setup up btw :) any other brand but valo, this size would look like cruise liners LuLz =D

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Uploaded by: seeeeeeeek

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 11 Jan 2009
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