Razors Cult 9

Well here's the New razors Cult 9, iz got a much better liner than the Cult 8 and not to mention the ninja'd out look on em, they skate pretty nicely though I just started yesterday. -


remzinlinne93 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

[size="4"]i like em...[size="2"]i was hopein to c these on here! what size??and they look bulkier in other pics like online shops...[/size][/size]
lloydsk8 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

These are size Eleven, they truly are quite slimline, it's just that the online pics usually show it when the liners not broken in and so it seems to stick out cause the liner it thicker than an elephant, Im pretty sure that im one of the FIRST KIDS IN CANDA TO GET THESE
xsjadokizer 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

Zerżneli pomysł z usd z doszyciem tej "skórki", osobiście mi sie to nie podoba w usd wyglada to znacznie lepiej, rolka wygląda trochę jak gumowiec :)
lloydsk8 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

It hurts me to say this but I did not understand a word of that, how ever there happens to be a happy face so Im going to go ahead and say thanks!
xsjadokizer 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

learn polish man! :) ok... in my opinion the idea with this "half" skin on lace area is copy of usd skates (sagona, eisler) and in usd it look good but in razors don't look so good...now skates look like rubber shoes, clasic razors look so much better ! :) sorry for my anglish...:)
living_on_skates 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

razors where first with the soft top. USD copied it from razors. fail.
lloydsk8 00 says (20 Mar 2009)

Well lets all get on the most important thing: We're all share the love of the skate, don matter which company we come from, Razors, USD, Valo, I dont care And sorry for the misunderstanding Xsjadokizer! I'll get on those Polish classes!

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Uploaded by: lloydsk8

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Cult

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Uploaded: 19 Mar 2009
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