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Member Since: 25 Nov 2008
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shima 5
22 Mar 2010 comment on shima 5

thanks guys yeah i was real happy how these turned out ! best razor setup i've had .
carbon 8uk
04 Aug 2009 comment on carbon 8uk

selling those haffys?
razor shima 5.
21 Jun 2009 comment on razor shima 5.

[quote=JamesWM2]OMG OMG OMG I Love it !! soooooooooooo sick size ? and how the hell did you get them :O soooo old and hard to find[/quote] there us 9...
Thisissoul custom Razors Murda II
26 May 2009 comment on Thisissoul custom Razors Murda II

i tried contacting you to buy them so if u wana sell em email me
razor cult 7 le
29 Apr 2009 comment on razor cult 7 le

[quote=ryan6f7]sweet set up, how do you like those frames?[/quote][color=rgb(255, 0, 0);]there actually really good.they lock on great and are smooth if your thinkin about gettin a pair i would if i were you![/color]

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