Razors Flats

First decent set of aggressive skates i ever had and saw me through for 10 years of skating! The only reason i changed is that the liner, wheels and bearings were dead so thought it was time to upgrade!!!

Anyone who skated back in the days of 96/97/98 will remember these skates!!! I still think they look cool!!!!

Even still got the original Senate Wheels on there!!! To be fair they were so chunked and pitted it was silly but they did me well!!! lol.... - Razors Non UFS Frame


Justin US says (25 Aug 2008)

always loved these skates
truesoul 00 says (25 Aug 2008)

fookin amazing! man, you have issues. your addicted to razors.
Matt_Icons 00 says (25 Aug 2008)

Cheers chaps and truesoul its not so much an addiction as a way of life!!! lol.....i have always enjoyed skating Razors so always trusted their skates!
Arctic roller
Arctic roller NO says (27 Aug 2008)

<P>I remember these!<BR><BR>They where out before:<BR><BR>Roces 5th element<BR><BR>Rollerblade Daytona<BR><BR>Salomon ST<BR><BR>and when USD sucked</P> <P>First time I saw them was at ROADRUNNER Portabello London in 97/98<BR></P>
TecniG 00 says (01 Mar 2009)

remember them too the navy boot color is so nice whis razors would make a new pro skate in this color
tical3hb US says (29 Sep 2009)

Mitglied is right these were out before all those, but USD didn't even exist when these first came out. Salomon actually didn't have any aggressive skates out yet either. One of my buddy's had these were out a long time ago when I was still skating K2 Fatty's
kamikaze_itr 00 says (19 Aug 2010)

i remember the Salomon ST8's out around the time these were out. i had a pair of Dirk's at the time and my brother was rolling these.

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Uploaded by: Matt_Icons

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Cult

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