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19 Sep 2008 comment on NAKED SOLO

if it helps you sleep at night, go nuts.
18 Sep 2008 comment on NAKED SOLO

i think you need to realise, I don't give a fuck.
17 Sep 2008 comment on NAKED SOLO

i think you're right, they do look like a crap skate from ten years ago! +1
Roces Impalas
09 Sep 2008 comment on Roces Impalas

[quote=roces4evah]Dudes! Impala's are 1 of the best skates ever! They are from the beginning of real aggr skating its like the vert version of the m12's. And they are not ugly they are beautiful man!!! If they didnt exsist you probably didnt skate right now. [/quote] my mate had these and I had m12s. if they didnt exist it would be no biggie, the m12 is the one really. but yeh when they came out they were a big deal. m12 was bigger tho.:D
Roces ATH huge mod
09 Sep 2008 comment on Roces ATH huge mod

[quote=ditissoul] haha thank you I don't thing that talking like that wil ever get you a girl like her ;) [/quote] hahahaha lol, so true. gotta save the dirtyness for after 3rd encounter lol. as i said on rollernews - sickness! once i've got a bit of cash ill get you to build me a setup based on either the rollerblade TRS boot or the roces. theyle sit nicely next to my deshi - i've got a few to clear out!

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