Aragon 1 - Before and after custom

My attempt at making my ghetto ass skates look good. Honestly these skates are made up of free parts my mates have donated to the 'Get Miles skating again' foundation haha.

Uh the original skate was a pair of Aragon 1 shells with some light grey cuffs and white backslides off a pair of Genesys Pros. Black soul plates from a pair of original Icons and Jug Murda 3 Liners. Yes I know my cuff bolts are really just frame bolts so don't bother haha.

Uh I made a purple bandana cuff and a camo one (learnt how to do it from a guy on here, don't know his name but I'm giving credit where it's due) Some home made shock absorbers made out of jandals (also from a guy on here) Stuffed some old shoe tongues into the stash pocket in my liners (once again...from a dude on Dyed a set of white laces and my backslide plates purple using a couple sharpies (still getting ideas from

Yea. That pretty much covers it. As soon as I buy another right cuff then I'll do it in purple as well. They looked better yesterday but as you can see they're a bit cut up now. I faceplanted the road after an alley-oop pornstar, 360 out. It was a really sketchy rail in a really sketchy place so I ended up landing it halfway down a nice and steep road. Stopping on a hill is hard...You get owned pretty bad ;)

Size 11/12 shells.
Size 10/11 Liners.
Size 'S' Frames
Size tiny wheels ;) I'm broke so I'm rolling on a set of cored 4x4s and splitting Alchemy wheels hahaha -


roller95 00 says (22 Jul 2009)

They look bettrer with the wite cuff
Rock'N'Rollah 00 says (23 Jul 2009)

You think so? I just think they looked boring.

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Uploaded by: Rock'N'Rollah

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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