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Razors Murda 1 Pink
14 Aug 2009 comment on Razors Murda 1 Pink

I say props man. Mad props. Maybe not for the look but for posting them at least you are THE MAN. They're your skates and you should do with them as you wish. To all you losers who keep on about how he's ruined them then buy your own Murda's and DON'T customize them. Great job Faint, not my favorite looking skate but I wish you luck skating ;)
for sale
12 Aug 2009 comment on for sale

Or those Salomons. Name a price but keep it reasonable :)
My Skate collectionfor sale
12 Aug 2009 comment on My Skate collectionfor sale

Hey man, Could you give me a price for your, -Jug big J liners (if they're sized from 9 to 11) -ANY razors Genysys style shell (if they're any size from 9 to 11) - Wheels. Any wheels. I neeeeeeed wheels. Cheers, Miles. Can you reply to - Yea it's a zero not an oh in L0VIN :)
icons and 0802
12 Aug 2009 comment on icons and 0802

Hey would you sell me those Big J's??
st9 with Razor Souls
12 Aug 2009 comment on st9 with Razor Souls

Hey man they look sick!! I'm curious as to what sizes you use? Same size soul as the boot or nah?

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