Genesys Blue G7

G7's running hi lo setup with the GC-DI frame, 55.5mm Eulogies and 47mm Sphinx inners. Crap bearings throughout.
Jug Big J size 14 liner in a size 13 shell. Fits like a dream. I modded the soulplate to accept the point 8 frame with some 72mm outers and 55mm inners, but I prefer the GC-DI setup. (this pic shows the point 8 72mm setup tho) -


stubbsy 00 says (22 Apr 2008)

hey foot2 big! it's bowl-blader-101 here, from the forum. only, now i deleted that account so i'm stubbsy from now on. i saw this skate, and though that looks familiar, then remembered it was foot2bigs off Skatelog. that skate looks something else, in fact i gotta try out that point 8 frame some time...
joejamin121 00 says (22 Apr 2008)

man these things are huge! get the gcs on there your frames are bad! but still real nice boot! check out my g7s man if ya got time!
teddykrueger 00 says (27 Apr 2008)

how do you like them point 8 frames? anyways, killer skates, check out mine g7!
kizerskate 00 says (09 Aug 2008)

WTF I HAD SIZE 12 THAT IS RIDICULOUS if your size 10 feet you can fit in a 7 shell so if your 12 feet try and get in 9's or 8's!!!!!!!

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Uploaded by: foot2big

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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