Just another SL2

Possibly one of the best skates I've ever ridden...stock. They honestly feel like a hard boot xsjado. Here's the what I changed:
-Joey Chase M1 wheels
-M1 UHMW anti-rockers (slide like ice)
-Renegade Swiss bearings (2 pumps and I'm hauling)
-Custom cut black vinyl on my spraypainted cuff
-Painted backslide (I regret doing it)

note: these skates are about 7 months old - Featherlight (stock)


olitill 00 says (01 Nov 2008)

dude they look a little...lets say worn out. but man the set ups nice like the cut back vinyl.
stubbsy 00 says (03 Nov 2008)

dude you lost one of your sliders. that can't be doing the soul plates any good.
Justin US says (04 Nov 2008)

[quote=stubbsy]dude you lost one of your sliders. that can't be doing the soul plates any good. [/quote] just the side got worn off. the soul plate is still there same thing happened to mine. also you should take that bs plate of since its so worn, there's a really great stock groove underneath it.
so wack
so wack PR says (04 Nov 2008)

oh the entire bs plate ripped off last night on a halfpipe session. and it's cheaper to replace a bs plate than an entire soul plate (aka the groove underneath)
TecniG 00 says (05 Nov 2008)

man you have ripped that boot extreme, i like that ;-P
so wack
so wack PR says (18 Nov 2008)

i did, check out my other posts. thx for the feedback

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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