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xlarge 00 says (05 Dec 2008)

What size are they, dang it? Did you buy them brand new?
Justin US says (05 Dec 2008)

7 of course i got them brand new they just came out. frames were already used. a bunch of my friends teamed up and bought them for me.
xlarge 00 says (07 Dec 2008)

dude your friends tag teamed you? anyway, can you get more pics of the inside of the boot, the soul system and such? you've got a boot pic, and then 2 same pics of the liners. i want these SLs so bad. too bad they're way too much for me right now.
skatejamie GB says (07 Dec 2008)

Hey xlarge. Check out Aggressivemall.com to see really good product pictures of the Icon 2s. Gives you a good idea of what they look like and you can jizz in your pants all you want to the pictures!!! You sound like the sort of person that would!
skatejamie GB says (07 Dec 2008)

Justin.... Good choice. You really don't need to change these skates too much. Just get rid of the stock razor wheels and swap the bearing for some Abec 7s. I'm kinda disappointed they don't come with white neoprene jug liners. Feels so nice on the foot! I'm still gonna get me some of these when my pay cheque comes in though!!! Whoopy!
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (08 Dec 2008)

The picture I'm looking for which isn't on Amall is a pic of the inside of the liner (a top view) so I can compare it to my Aragon 2 liner. I know it doesn't have the neoprene so I'm curious as to how much ankle support these have.
JamesWM2 GB says (09 Dec 2008)

it has plenty, its 50% extra padding from the old liners, there much better man
Justin US says (09 Dec 2008)

Click the link in the description. I took pics of the inside of the liner. its not very thick but its thick enough. Its thinner than a big j but thicker than a precise.
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (09 Dec 2008)

There we go! thanks for the pics Justin! Keep enjoying those sweet skates!
speedy9_78 00 says (09 Dec 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]well...it's a simple and cool skate[/highlight]
Justin US says (09 Dec 2008)

Thx guys. I'm loving them. They're the best skates I've ever had.
xlarge 00 says (11 Dec 2008)

Do those sz 7 liners fit like sz 8 without stretching?
Justin US says (11 Dec 2008)

[quote=xlarge]Do those sz 7 liners fit like sz 8 without stretching? [/quote] yep. took me about ten minutes for it to fit normal. im a size 8.5 btw
geesechops 00 says (26 Dec 2008)

So if I wear a 10-10.5 US shoe then I should get the US size 9 and just break them in? I know the shells go from 2. (8-9) and 3. (10-11) and would prefer to get the smaller shell for a glove like fit. So I guess what I'm asking is how much can the liner be stretched out or broken in?
geesechops 00 says (11 Jan 2009)

Ended up getting the 9. Worked out great!!!
Fmskater4life US says (24 Dec 2012)

Wish you still had these Justin.

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