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Country: DE United States
State: Iowa
City: Fort madison


Member Since: 29 Nov 2012
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09 Mar 2013 comment on Custum

Where did you get the red blocks? I've been looking for awhile now for them.
Brian Aragon 2
28 Dec 2012 comment on Brian Aragon 2

Haha your an idiot just because it says 2008 doesn't mean people still don't have that shit you stupid fuck. I haven't or never will be legit? Once again your and idiot time for you to get some sense. What am i lying about and being scummy? Nothing? You say i'm not legit but yet have three frames deals pending and my carbons that are for sale are pending but yet i'm not legit but yet i'm pretty sure we both did deal's with An6e1o82 So if your going to sit here and say i'm un-legit which in reality i'm not then you better ask some people that you've done deals with and that i have done deal's with first. Your right this setup didn't deserve this but stupid fuck ^ thought it was cool to put his input in that nobody wanted.
Brian Aragon 2
26 Dec 2012 comment on Brian Aragon 2

What is a "ass hat" but your calling me dumb? It don't matter about dates or not. Shit i still have a pair of st 80's and gen 1 boots along with dunkles laying around somewhere at my parents house so who say's this guy ^ still don't have theses? My point exactly so once you get some knowledge comment on shit i post on trying to call me stupid.
Brian Aragon 2
24 Dec 2012 comment on Brian Aragon 2

Want to sell
Razors Aragon 2
24 Dec 2012 comment on Razors Aragon 2

Want to sell these?

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