Razors Aragon 2

Here is my latest set up......really like the way it skates, let me know what you think and dont forget to leave your comments!

Heres the spec:

- Razors Aragon 2 Boot
- White JUG Ninja warrior liner
- Ground Control Formula 1 frame White/White
- White Souls
- White Backslide plate
- White buckle
- M1 Aragon Wheels
- Ground Control White antis
- ABEC 5 C-Ring bearings - Ground Control Formula 1 White/White


stubbsy 00 says (25 Aug 2008)

awesome. i'm thinking about getting these as my next skates, you thing i should? it's either these or the new gens. are the soulframes on these really as quick as aragon claims?
Matt_Icons 00 says (25 Aug 2008)

In my opinion if i had a choice now of pickin up my a genesys boot skate or a SL boot skate it would be no contest SL everytime!! They are a lot lighter on your feet and a lot more responsive, and as for the topsides they are awesome!!! Simply Awesome!! Go for it!!!
stubbsy 00 says (25 Aug 2008)

nice. yeah i've just look at rollernews and all the comments are that they're well worth their buck. my next skate fo' shho!
speedy9_78 00 says (31 Aug 2008)

that's cool as hell
skatejamie GB says (14 Jan 2009)

Nice setup. I definately agree. I have a pair of A2s. Best razors yet. I have always skated Razors since the Super Flats came out. The Genesys boot was always really good, but seemed abit flabby. The SLs are so responsive in comparison. You can feel they are closer to the frame. Feels more solid. When the white souls come out on sale I think you should get them. Personally think that would look good. But they look good now as well.

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Uploaded by: Matt_Icons

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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