OS3 Kaltik Ceramic Whites

2009 OS3 Remz
Stock Wheels
VBX Pro Ceramic Bearings, Teflon shields
Kaltik White Freestyle Frames
Shortened Kaltik Bolts
- Kaltik Freestyle


Justin US says (24 Aug 2009)

please cheat more
Christos 00 says (30 Aug 2009)

Those frames are a complete rip off of alchemy's
kaltik01 00 says (05 Sep 2009)

christos .... A very good freind of mine Damien designed these frames year s ago ... as we {[NOTVAR]Kaltik} didnt have the money to put them in 2 production at the time.. He then licenced the design to alchemy ... who never even paid up there royalties for using the design .. plus the plastic they used was the cheapest shit out in china ..We at kaltik have made the frames with the correct materials and using the correct angles and injection moulding system ! Im sick of people who dont know shit saying they are a rip of alchemy ... if you skate then support and respect skate companies ,,,not loving some shit that is run and owned by some fat business man in the uk ! peace KMT !
living_on_skates 00 says (05 Sep 2009)

they are WAY better then alchamy's!
Christos 00 says (28 Sep 2009)

fair enough, dont get me wrong i know alchemy's are shit ! dont stereo type me, i had NO idea that was the case, kaltik is practically un heard off in the uk, so my bad. peace out.

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Uploaded by: alexdcd

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Open Shell OS

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