Remz 0301 Franky Moralez

Bought these off ebay last week and they arrived today, I paid £70 for them but I don't know what they're actually worth. They've never been skated and have all the original parts: liners, laces, everything. There's just one thing that's annoying me, one of the threads that the frames screw into has went up into the heel and is rattling about. My brothers a car technician and he seems to think he can fix it but was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this.


k2rolla US says (27 Dec 2011)

Those are not Franky Remz, Franky's first Remz skate wasn't until 2006. Your skates came out in 2003. The name Remz 0301 indicates that they were the first model of 2003. It's read as YEAR, MODEL NUMBER.

As for the frame bolt receptor rattling around inside the skate, you need to put your hand inside the skate with the foot bed removed, press really hard on the frame bolt receptor and tighten the frame bolt until it's secure.

Should be no problem at all.
FROSTYstranger GB says (31 Dec 2011)

Thanks man, I really don't know a lot about these (I was just going by what it said on ebay) Just bought them coz they looked sweet. As for the heel, it's all fixed now. Stuck some Create Original frames on them with custom inserts, bones swiss and haffey 4x4 wheels. They ride amazing.
teamphh PE says (26 Feb 2012)

wow dude those are sick. i use to own those remz back in 03. they look tight with white bs,souls, and frames. i also had the 03 LE the all tan of those remz. sick skates.

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Uploaded by: FROSTYstranger

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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