Majestic 12 Classic

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Majin-Kiisu 00 says (21 Nov 2007)

There is no denying that this skate is disgusting. What is the point in the massive tall bit on the cuff at the back? it would dig into your legs like a bitch
deshi justin
deshi justin 00 says (23 Nov 2007)

[size=5]oh my god DISGUSTING!![/size]
P0Nt3 00 says (23 Jan 2008)

[quote=Majin-Kiisu]There is no denying that this skate is disgusting. What is the point in the massive tall bit on the cuff at the back? it would dig into your legs like a bitch[/quote] I don't think Roces thought about that back then...aggressive skates were just becoming aggressive skates...notice a similarity between this and most other recreational skates?? that's cuz that's pretty much what they are with a few alterations for grinding. But just think...if it wasn't for skates like this...blading might not be what it is today. Hell, if it wasn't for Roces, blading might still be Uberunderground in apposed to starting to see the light...So I say...thank you Majestic 12! PS...looks like someone like shat diahrea all over those Remz while they were skating, then looked at it, then repulsed by the diahrea covered Remz, puked all over them too.
teajae2002 US says (04 Apr 2008)

i remembered when they came out and you can tell they were legit because of those cheap ass red metal grind plate...dude those remz thigs are aweful
jesol1 00 says (15 Apr 2008)

tht shyt is mad ugly
ulisesortega 00 says (14 Jun 2008)

These are just classics for those of us who started to skate when the rollerblading was in pampers, now the skates are so different and have many good adds, but think about the basic idea keep being an old roces or rollerblade
sergio4791 US says (20 Aug 2011)

Nice,are you selling,if so replay size to if not great skate have a good one

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Uploaded by: ulisesortega

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Category: Skates
Brand: Roces
Model: Other Non UFS

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