Rollerblade Tarmac CE original NEW

Rollerblade Tarmac CE original NEW
All parts unused.
This skate is a big part of the history of skating


CD3Ball 00 says (24 Dec 2007)

Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (24 Dec 2007)

rip off the frames and put roces souls!!!
ninja9 AU says (20 Jan 2008)

is that a pie on the box?
klimax149 00 says (01 Apr 2008)

r they for sale and if they r what size r they?
truesoul 00 says (24 Aug 2008)

[quote=CD3Ball]WORST SKATE EVER [/quote] lol more like first skate ever. dumbass.
bikerguy7 00 says (21 Nov 2009)

description: yes? what the hell is this? those arent even skates
LETUROKING 00 says (21 Nov 2009)

this where the skates of my dreams back in 97!
LETUROKING 00 says (21 Nov 2009)

this where the skates of my dreams back in 97!
mtx0683 00 says (19 Jul 2011)

I had a pair of these! they were awesome back in the day.. until i broke them doing flips and got a pair of RB Dirks!
sergio4791 US says (20 Aug 2011)

Nice,are you sellig if you still have them and sellig replay to if not great skate,thanks have a good one., size too
kuantumize 00 says (22 Mar 2013)

I had a pair back in 1996. They were long gone. Memories.
Are these size 8? Are they for sale?
Airman79 AU says (24 Aug 2015)

I still have mine , great skates. Are you selling these ??
PoirierOne 00 says (07 May 2020)

Amazing. I had a pair of the first edition and a couple more releases following. The CE stands for Chris Edwards who was a pioneering pro for aggressive inline skating. There were other and arguably better models out there, but growing up in a town of less than 50000 people we didn't have a ton of options. And I absolutely despised the k2 fatty pro line...always felt like I was leaning back when I wore them. I upgraded to these from a pair or Bauer moulded fitness skates and never looked back. That was probably 1993-1995 when I was early to mid highschool age.I learned to do a bio and perfected my rail skills thanks to rollerblade and Chris Edwards. To the guy that says these aren't even need to learn to appreciate the origins of the street skating sport and not just the perfect parks and advanced tech of today's market. We didn't have parks then and the closest we had was a shoddy wood mini-ramp halfpipe in a kids backyard...otherwise we were getting trespass warrants on the streets of Belleville, Ontario. Now I'm 41 and trying to find a pair of skates that don't hurt my feet like all the generic k2 crap out there. Any suggestions for a moulded, wider skate for an old dad here?
MrMichaelJ 00 says (18 Nov 2021)

PoirierOne... summed up my childhood perfectly 1st kid in town to have a pair!
theknee 00 says (27 Feb 2022)

Back in 97 we were not rich and i was doing street wich some cheap walmart brand rollerblades. My father was a roofer and happened to have a contract with a store selling these. He made a deal that the Tarmac CE came with the job contract :) i was the happiest boy in my town.

I remember having 3 VHS cassettes that came with it. Loved everything about these. So comfy and light.

RIP Dad and thanks for everything.

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: Non UFS

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