Solo Estilo 2009

In the begining, the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people realy angry,
and is widely regarded as a bad move. Q:DA

But seriously, Im having FUN reading all the HATE reply!



Arctic roller
Arctic roller NO says (06 Sep 2008)

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bladiblabla...  <IMG alt=Kopfschütteln src="" border=0><BR><BR>
truesoul 00 says (09 Sep 2008)

thats pretty childish man, your not 5 years old. why did you delete the old post and make a new one? if you cant handle peoples opinion - don't post. one thing i will say tho - i saw your quads with the (i think its) element h block on them - theyre wicked as, also i saw another custom u did to a rec skate to convert it to a street skate. i did the same back in the day, so i get where your coming from. but the thing is - people dont like the estillo. rollerblading the subculture and rollerblading that 50 year olds do who cant afford a porche for their mid life crisis are seperate entitys. they are polar opposites. so should be what we roll on. again this is just my opinion, and i get why u like em.
Arctic roller
Arctic roller NO says (11 Sep 2008)

I changed the wheels from stock to Cozmo RV72 so I needed to reapost them. I do not understan what you are ramblong on about "truesoul" but, good luck! What I like about these skates is that it feels like a stable skate and its real fast. the 45 degree rachet buckle is real handy for midlife.. I meen midsession adjusting. woble woble... rrrrrk rrrrk rrrk... mmmm more stable after tightenig, skate skate YEAH!

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: Solo

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