Rollerblade TRS DT II. OS

This skate was a rollerblade TRS Down town 2.Some years ago:P Yesterday I change de cuff for a usd Adbiel coldberg with homemade V cut.The soulplates are USD dual 2.Liners:Jug murda series 1.Skin? Ther isn't any skin:D Rollerblade OS:P -


stubbsy 00 says (17 Aug 2008)

RBs are already open shell. they just have a skin covering the open shell. and this is diabolical. please leave.
wimmergyuro 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

Yeeee!You are very clevar.Congratulation;)
stubbsy 00 says (29 Aug 2008)

i wouldn't be mocking me for brains mate. you can't even spell clever. tard.
Angus690 00 says (30 Aug 2008)

pretty sure he was commenting the skates, not you. i think they look very flimsy and weak. a soul that wraps around would be way better. interesting tho.
stubbsy 00 says (30 Aug 2008)

why would he say that about his own skates? i thought maybe at first but then i looked at his name it it's the same name as the guy who posted the pictures, so i'm pretty sure it was aimed at me. and yes, exactly what angus said. it wouldn't be so bad if he'd kept the RB soles on as they have toes on them but putting a dual piece on and leaving the toe wide open he's asking to break his toes. and i hope he does, so i can't skate ever again and is forced to give up.
leturok 00 says (01 Sep 2008)

thats is such a waste, dude please don't do it ,es repugnante
ant71 00 says (02 Sep 2008)

AFF MY EYES ARE BLEEDING :'( FFS put the skin back on them
Angus690 00 says (21 Oct 2008)

my bad, it was the guy who posted the skates lol
JamesWM2 GB says (29 Nov 2008)

Ewwww lol ko man great idea tho looks weird usd,rollerblade,deshi,razor and remz in one lol
DenZense CO says (14 Feb 2009)

what a waste!!

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Uploaded by: wimmergyuro

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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Uploaded: 10 Aug 2008
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