TRS Alpha-1 Customs

I have had these a while and customized them from the inside out. These were originally a size 8 but can now accomodate 8-10 with the P0Nt3 mod. :P Inside the shell is cut really low on the inner part of shell and a little low on the outside. (Inner shell sorta resembles Remz Except that I cut out the toe on the shell.) Then cut slits into the cuff for flex. Lastly I sharpied the skate like 3 different patterns over the few years I skates em...then I just dyed em black and kept the red lining. I threw on the original frames and let me gf at em, so technically this is her setup now. -


Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2008)

The dye didn't work out that well did it? Why would you cut the shell so that you can change the size. If you change the size you still need a different soulplate and liner. p.s. your girlfriend has big feet.
P0Nt3 00 says (19 Jan 2008)

The dye didn't always look like that, faded over the years...Oh and they are made for my feet...not hers, hence me needing to alter the size....(gottem off my friend with tiny ass size 8 feet, I'm a size 10 1/2)...I have been skating these for like 3 years but I roll deshi now.
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2008)

If you alter the shell, your still stuck with a small liner and soulplate.
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

not true...I put on large sized soulplates and liners from my other alpha ones...I have 2 pairs of alpha ones :P I put on the soulplates skins and midsouls from my larger Alphas..they work if TRS made made skates that actually had flex and stability. AKA I dont ride skates that are not HELLA custom cuz I think they all suck from the factory...and i mean ALL!...well...maybe not the razors boots...they all seem to rock..just need to be worked in.
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

I would post a pic of the inner shell...but I don't want people stealing my design before I patent it! Muhahah
Majin-Kiisu 00 says (22 Jan 2008)

Would you please post a picture of the shell, i want to see how to increase a boot's size
P0Nt3 00 says (23 Jan 2008)

Here they are dude... [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Basically I cut down the entire shell, cut and melted a slit in the cuff (melted so it didn't crack or break at the seam) and pretty much removed everything from the toe to where your ankle should be. Lots of flex, lots of support.
Majin-Kiisu 00 says (23 Jan 2008)

Thanks alot man
P0Nt3 00 says (23 Jan 2008)

If you do it right, you should get lots of flex without the injuries that tend to come with soft boots after long sessions. Good Luck dude.
Justin US says (24 Jan 2008)

Nice dude. I've done the toe thing with all my TRS before. I did that inner side cut out with my details, I loved it. They were size 7 and I could fit my size 8 foot no problem. I also too a dremil to the inside of the toe on the midsoul, i ground it thinner and lower so the skin could stretch and it did. Worked great! Props on your cutting job.
Justin US says (24 Jan 2008)

I just noticed the cuff. Way to cut it like a Salomon.
P0Nt3 00 says (24 Jan 2008)

lol I got the idea from my sti-pros. So I tried it out and worked wonders..the shell mods came later and I'm happy I did it. Now if only TRS would catch on to this design. I mean, if a couple bladers thought of it, I'm suprised a multi-million dollar company can't think up the same conclusion. Instead..they made the Downtown...fools. This design is great for those kids who love TRS and have feet still growing along with their ankle flexibility. Or if (like me) you bought them off a friend and they are just too small...or your feet are just too wide. I should make a site for skate designs (blueprints). I'm sure a lot of you got some great ideas flowing in your heads. I know I have a book full of them. Would you believe I created the "Deshi" on paper before it was made? Funny thing is, Deshi didn't catch up with my design until they made the Spizer2.
Jamo 00 says (09 Feb 2008)

i still like the old trs skate e.g.alpah detail the white n gray what ever the called wish i still had mine slash some usd 2 piece soles on well a way

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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