TRS Point 8

Standard TRS Point 8 boot, white Fifty/50 Core Freestyle II frames, Eulogy Crap bearings, Heat Urethane wheels 'Day of the Dead' 56mm/89a. -


delnotpre 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

wut sz fgt
magnus 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

dont like the point 8 but i like the frames
nizumba1rolla2003 00 says (29 Mar 2008)

have you thought about adding a diff. cuff? like the new silver USD cuff? or a white/cream one to match the frame. the Pt 8 is the cleanest of all UFS RBs. Nicely done.
d3yF 00 says (30 Mar 2008)

what size are they please?
killerboot 00 says (30 Mar 2008)

not the best conbination of skate and frame but skates are good .
joren312 00 says (31 Mar 2008)

size is 11 US/ 10 UK (29.0 cm). yeah i also think the colors don't match that well but this combination skates really nice :)
simpson 00 says (10 Apr 2008)

Love the boot but y didnt u keep the stock frames?they look sweet
joren312 00 says (10 Apr 2008)

well the stock frames slide better than every other frame, even kizer diamond frames aren't faster. but the main reason i put another frame under the boot is because the stock frame is heavy as f*ck. but i might put 'em back on after a while :)
shroom 00 says (26 May 2008)

how are the point 8s do u like them? would u recamend puting different souls on them
joren312 00 says (26 May 2008)

yeah i like Point 8s really much. the liners are improved but still not the best out there (but more comfortable than valo) and many skates flex better, but the skate feeling of the new rollerblades is so much better than most skates available. i wouldn't change the souls, the stock souls slide amazingly, same goes for the frame :). and for $229 you'll receive more than enough parts. so i think P8's are one of the best skates you can buy at the moment.

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Uploaded by: joren312

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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Uploaded: 28 Mar 2008
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