Vinny Mintons

After hours of blood, sweat and tears iv finally finished the first phase of my Salo Mintons.

Here is a low down of the parts used:

Original Salomon Vinny Mintons with original liners. Size 9.5
Original Salomon Vinny Minton cuff coloured light blue
Razors complete SL soul plates/wings. Size 9-10
Kizer Type Ms
Eulogoy Austin Paz Wheels
Bones Reds Bearings
Razors Turqouise Laces.

I plan to replace the cuff with some brand new ones when i eventually source some in the correct size. i also plan replacing the Type Ms with some flat setup. - Kizer Type Ms


ryan6f7 00 says (18 Sep 2009)

Wow good work!
Justin US says (18 Sep 2009)

Not bad. Did you cut holes in the sides of the shell or did you cut the nub off the soul plates? Good call on wanting to skate flat. It's the only way to roll. :) I highly recommend the 5050 cores. I rock 57mm in them with no wheels bite! Also US ebay has a huge set of replacement Salomon cuffs. Search "Salomon skates".
samo8076 00 says (18 Sep 2009)

thanks for the comments. I cut the nubs off the soul plates.
rollman 00 says (18 Sep 2009)

Awesome! I wanted to do a similar setup. How did you color the cuff? Please take another pic after a few weeks of skating to see how the paint holds.
supernog 00 says (23 Sep 2009)

[highlight=#cccccc]Nice color setup,[/highlight]

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Uploaded by: samo8076

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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