Salomon Minton RB Team

Salomon Team shell (black)
White Vinny Minton cuffs
White Rollerblade soulplates.
White JUG Billy Oneill Liners
White Salomon Pro Frames
M1 Brain Aragon Wheels 57mm 89a
GC grindwheels. - Salomon Pro with Sliders


misguided 00 says (22 Sep 2009)

niiice can u buy them soles on their own????
supernog 00 says (22 Sep 2009)

Hi, Yes, i have order the plates by Maybe they can arrange one set for you too. Good luck and thanks for your reaction.
Thisissoul NL says (23 Sep 2009)

Just email us what you want. We have all parts in all sizes and colors Love your setup Supernog
halcyon 00 says (23 Sep 2009)

Now that is wut I'm fuggin talkin about. Very nice setup.
ninja9 AU says (23 Sep 2009)

very nice, would be better w/ the minton boot they were some of the best
supernog 00 says (23 Sep 2009)

@<SPAN style="COLOR: #800000">ninja9</SPAN>, i have skate the Vinny Minton 2006 (gray ones), and they are not skating better then the Hard shell Salomon skates.(my opinion)<BR><BR>The cuff is not that flexible as the original cuff, but have a lot nicer look.<BR><BR><BR>
ninja9 AU says (24 Sep 2009)

they are probably the best hardboot Salomon's I've seen, but I like the soft boots better. How are those liners? Anyone know where I can get some white JUG big J/ Ninja liners?
supernog 00 says (24 Sep 2009)

<P>The liners are great.<BR><BR>this are Billy Oneil Liners size 44 and they are fit perfect for some one with shoe size 43,5<BR><BR>This Liners i bought from ebay, with lucky.<BR><BR>you have to google for it, they are very hard to find.</P> <P>maybe you can try here:</P> <P><A href=""></A><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR></P>
halcyon 00 says (24 Sep 2009)

Those salomon frames are the best frames I've ever used. I'm using the grey minton ones rite now.
supernog 00 says (24 Sep 2009)

Yeh, you are so right. I have 6 pair of Salomon Pro frames, All with sliders, and bought 1 set sliders on Ebay last month.

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Uploaded by: supernog

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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