Salomon Dream Custom

Salomon Brandon Campbell 2 White shells(Size 43 1/3)
Brandon Campbell 2 Liners White (size 43 1/3)
Salomon Vinny Minton Cuffs White.(size 27/28)
Salomon Pro Frames with sliders.(size 255mm)
Rollerblade Soul Plates White
M1 Brain Aragon Wheels. 57mm 89a
Ondercover grind wheels White. - Salomon Pro with Sliders


Major 00 says (24 Sep 2009)

Did it take a long time to get the rollerbalde soulplates on? Or just srew it on?
supernog 00 says (25 Sep 2009)

It takes 2 hours.<BR><BR>f<I>irst you shave down the bottom, only the midle section, see picture</I><IMG border=0 src=""><BR><BR><I>The front and the back have to stay, no need to.</I><BR><BR><I>Then you have to shave down al 4 plates on the inside</I><BR><BR><IMG border=0 src=""><BR><BR>Then the 4 back scews are the same distance, no problem.<BR><BR>The 4 in the front you have to drill new.<BR><BR><IMG border=0 src=""><BR><BR>cheers<BR>
Thisissoul NL says (25 Sep 2009)

Very nice Alex. Love your laces ;)
LETUROKING 00 says (28 Sep 2009)

very nice setup
Justin US says (28 Sep 2009)

Why replace one widebody for one that's even worse? Carbon souls or stock is the only way to go.
supernog 00 says (29 Sep 2009)

It is not worse but better, now i have plates on the inside as well, so i can grind negative's.<BR>Carbon plates sucks. and you can only screw it tight on your frame bolds.<BR>Price of 1 set carbon plates are 30 euro, and the price of 4(1 set) RB plates are 14 euro.<BR>The RB plates are faster then anything els.<BR>just test it, and you know it.<BR>Stock plates are to big, and less faster as RB plates.<BR>cheers
Justin US says (01 Oct 2009)

I skated the RB souls. They're half the price for a reason. I stuck so hard on metal coping. They're a mile wide. Soul space is over-rated. I would literally trim over those negative plates. Carbon souls are not perfect but I think they are the best. If you have any idea how to use a drill you can counter sink holes to screw them to the the boot. Just my opinion of course. I mean no hate.
supernog 00 says (02 Oct 2009)

The RB plates i ride, grind on everything without wax.<BR>The soul space is less then the Salomon stock plates.<BR>i don't know about Deshi plates, i never used them, they are to small for me.<BR>I like to have a good lock, om everything.<BR>i have seen one semi pro skater, try the Deshi plates for 10 min, and he was not happy.<BR>so i learned from him.<BR>I mean no hate too.<BR>
eXhaust CL says (06 Oct 2009)

I've tried both, and I prefer Carbon souls on Salomons. They're by no means slow or sticky. I think they are very alike Genesys souls. However, I'm might cop me a pair of Rollerblades some time. I've ridden on a pair of Era's of my friend and loved how the skate felt.
rollman 00 says (29 Nov 2009)

Beautifull. How well does the souls slide on unwaxed ledges?
renetio MX says (05 Oct 2010)

waths size are those salomons and soulplate?

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Uploaded by: supernog

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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Uploaded: 24 Sep 2009
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