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Country: DE Chile
State: Valparaiso
City: Robinson crusoe


Member Since: 25 Dec 2007
Last Seen: 02 Mar 2016
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02 Mar 2016 comment on USD TEAM CARBON FREEs

Yeah Carbon 3's are really good skates, just overpriced. People looking for more room in the boot or flexability are better off with Carbon Free's.

I like the straps instead of buckles.
Jeff Dalnas Seba Souls
02 Mar 2016 comment on Jeff Dalnas Seba Souls

No, it fits directly onto the boot, just carefully watch the sizing as the SEBA plates are a bit longer compared to the same-size USD carbon plates.

My setup is a EU46/US12 boot with SEBA size L plates - I think the minimum size to use the L plate is boot size EU46/US12, or else the plate sticks out on the front.
Chaz Sands 1
31 May 2012 comment on Chaz Sands 1

Yes, the plate is only connected by the UFS bolts, but when the bottom of the boot and the beveled edges of the plates are shaved down, it's incredibly sturdy. I used stock Salomon ufs bolts, but I reckon any bolts with the lenght of approx 1 or 1,5 cm (yay for metric system) should work properly.
11 Nov 2011 comment on USD VII

What size? Look very nice!
Custom Shifty Genesys
Buy this!
03 Nov 2011 comment on Custom Shifty Genesys


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