aaron feinberg

salomon feinberg size 9
vicious liners
stock frame
usd two piece souls
skate pretty nice...if anyone is interested im selling for 60 bucks+shipping.I also have the rest of the wheels original soul plates and liner. -


Seppuku 00 says (20 May 2009)

u should sell them for more coz the skates only are 60.+ the soulplate and liner and the work for mounting the soulplates - atleast another 40 if not even more.Soulplates are 30 bucks alone.Liner also.So :) Btw nice skates :D
rollman 00 says (20 May 2009)

Look good with the soul plates, just a question tho. Why the Vicious liner? Which model? Is it more confortable than the stock liner (which is pretty well done by the way)?
opalope 00 says (21 May 2009)

thanks for the advice.My friend actually gave me the skate for free so im pretty much charging for the soul plates and liner..shoot if people wanna offer more im totally down to charge more haha. The vicious wrath liner was kinda a last minute add to cart thing, i just wanted to see how they would look really....i think they look cooler than the stock ones but i think the stock ones fit my feet better.There is also more padding in the ankle area on the vicious ones which i like but it is a little high compared to the salomons.

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Uploaded by: opalope

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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Uploaded: 20 May 2009
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