st vinny minton

st vinny mintons the originals!

i love these blades.

i have put the chaz sands wide boy soul plate on.
usd comfort inasoles.
senate reinforced impact wheels, with shifty abec 9 bearings.
mindgame higgsbosan grind wheels with pig abec 3's.
kaiser diamond 2 frames...very light :).
kaiser laces for abit of aftermarket style ;).

one boot has been signed by k2 british pro skater Jenna Downing.

and the other by pro DJ and snow boarder Jay Stephenson A.K.A funky salad. - kaiser diamond 2


3M3M 00 says (01 Jun 2009)

kizer not kaiser!
Seppuku 00 says (07 Jun 2009)

and put USD 2 piece souls on them...Please.I've tried normal plates,nights,widebodies,xsjado...and a couple of days ago i got my 2 piece souls...and they r the best i've tried on my salos.SUPER GOOD.Times better than the crappy widebodies.Yes they r crap :) . the original souls are better than the widebodies.And USD > night > stock souls > xsjado > widebodies.Thats just on salos.Xsjado by themselves are fine.But not on salos :)
bowk 00 says (13 Jun 2009)

no man.. i skated the original soul for abit and it wasnt wide enough i can lock on so much better with the wideboys. i want some new blades soon anyway. not sure what to go for i like the new deshi mintons. but also the razors. :)
Rock'N'Rollah 00 says (05 Aug 2009)

If you're getting new blades would you consider selling me these? Just the shell if you want to keep the other parts but I'd buy the whole setup if I can :)

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Uploaded by: bowk

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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