Carbon 1 Kelso Black

Home job UHMWPE soul plates, buckles from Roces fifth elements.
Soul plates shaped with an angle grinder, 5mm deep groove for the frame.
In the process of shaping some black UHMWPE with a nice new router/trimmer which is neater and much more accurate obviously than an angle grinder.
So pics of the black ones coming soon... -


kamikaze_itr 00 says (12 Oct 2010)

looks like a plain old walmart cutting board to me. very creative though.
Rendrz 00 says (13 Oct 2010)

haha yeah couple dudes said that. Very expensive cutting board if so. A lot of cutting boards are actually made from UHMWPE combined with other crap, so it may well be a walmart cutting board. But its not. This stuff is virgin UHMWPE and can be ordered from any plastics or acrylics joint. Its a bit pricey(here in australia anyway), but if you order a nice big slab its more worth your while to make 2 or 3 sets, and is then cheaper then carbon plates. Where i got it it's available in green, black or white/natural, but i reckon you could die the natural if you wanted. Make sure its UHMWPE, they've tried to palm off the standard HMWPE but it aint the same ish.
kamikaze_itr 00 says (13 Oct 2010)

rock on. i'm assuming pure uhmwpe slides alot better. i especially commend your craftsmanship. looks real good.
Domi 00 says (14 Oct 2010)

royal groove? non-existent?
Rendrz 00 says (15 Oct 2010)

was going for that nihm concept so I wear in a more natural groove, they have a small one now but these aren't easy to wear down. Probably pre-groove a small one into the next set I make now that I know exactly where my natural groove is. I find them surprisingly sick for backslides though, even when they were fresh, i think because the frame is so sunk, like the aragon2's/SL skates.

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Uploaded by: Rendrz

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Carbon 1

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