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USD Carbon Kelsos w HomeMade Plates
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USD Carbon Kelsos w HomeMade Plates
04 Oct 2015 comment on USD Carbon Kelsos w HomeMade Plates

Haha ain't checked this in ages but glad I could provide you with some humor foggylv. Thanks for your informative input, but I think you'll find, as I did, that with the help of a suitable ledge they will develop a groove quite nicely, I would say they take about 3 times the amount of thrashing but still only a few sessions and the groove is there. Just thought I'd provide that info incase anyone decides to try it out, cos it works and it works really well.
Team Skate
17 Sep 2014 comment on Team Skate

99'(I am pretty sure anyways)
Team Skate
27 Aug 2014 comment on Team Skate

Sorry mate that's a definite no for these & the spizers
Oxygen AR Pro
18 Oct 2010 comment on Oxygen AR Pro

Awesome vintage bargain nice find I found some mint tasha hodgeson argons at a garage sale couple years back, the light blue ones, like 5 bucks or something. Def worth keeping an eye out at those sorta places
USD Carbon Kelsos w HomeMade Plates
15 Oct 2010 comment on USD Carbon Kelsos w HomeMade Plates

Once again gone for the first nihm's concept with the no groove so gotta head out for some crunchy ledge action. Thinking of trying virgin teflon next time. Mad dollars though.

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