Carbons SK

USD carbon SK with Razor buckles. CO frames custom two easy tags, them good swiss and ganzo flat set up. -


ryan6f7 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

I like the idea but jesus if youre gonna paint your skates take the time to do it right. Looks like you just slopped it on there. I like the colors though.
akari 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

Hahah ya i did just slop it on. I dont reallt care if it all over the place its gonna be black and covered in wax in two days. Someday i will spend more time coloring, but i like sloppy. They might turn blue soon. The green came out too light, i wanted a Hooi BRG green. What do you think about covering the entire skate. I that JCudot did his all brown or something.
ryan6f7 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

try angelus leather paint and get a wide brush and a skinny brush to do the edges. You can seriously make it look like it was factory made it just takes time. Ive done tons of sneakers and skates. Do really thin coats and let them fully dry and just go slow around seams/edges. They still look dope though
akari 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

Thats the stuff i need. I been using poska paint pens JDM. haha.. Where do you buy that paint? I been looking on Oahu for it, but no one sells it. I have seen it on ebay, but dont know if i should buy it from them.
xsjado.fc 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

[left][b]Yeahhhhhhh.[/b][/left] [left][b][/b] [/left] [left]Muy fregones... Insane[/left]
xsjado.fc 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Muy fregones... Insane
ryan6f7 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

Try ordering from, thats where i get mine.
akari 00 says (10 Feb 2010)

Damn i want that blue. Well we will see what they charge for shipping, but the price looks good. What you think one bottle for one skate? Hmmm. I ma be doing some shopping when i get back from bittercold. Thanks for the link ryan6f7.
ryan6f7 00 says (11 Feb 2010)

one of the large bottles is enough for several skates/shoes. A little goes along way, and yeah its cheap. Stuff works great, if you buy some feel free to hit me up if you need any tips.
rollman 00 says (11 Feb 2010)

Props for skating flat. What size are the wheels?
akari 00 says (11 Feb 2010)

I got 54mm89a. That has been the magic setup for flat in street and park. It takes some time to get tricks down, but its the best. There is no FN up on tricks now, cause if you miss that groove its 3mins of pain! Its been hard finding good wheels to skate flat. I used 55, but they are still too big. I was skating 55 flat on small elements and i would get stuck like crazy. I think i ma try 55 flat again soon after all the Ganzo wheels sell out. 56 is too big. Only Eulogy has small hard wheels. The Eulogy team wheels were the best flat set up i have ever had, but they dont make them anymore. They were 54mm90a. My Gonzos are not lasting as long as the teams did for me. If you skate flat i recommend large CO frames they have been good. the only down side to CO frames is that they are arched. When i put all 4 wheels on the middle two did not touch. It took about a week or too to get my skates flat. I am waiting on those Kaltik stealth flat frames cause that is what we need! The HBLOCK is made like thos inserts they made for fiziks frames. On a last note. I skate bowls a lot now that i ride flat and if you have small frames flat set up u will get bad speed wabbles. LIKE BAD! I know large frames make it hard to do tech switch up, but you will get used to them. Type my name in Vimeo or youtube. i think most of the videos i got are me skating flat. I could go on for days on how flat is the best, but i comes done to one thing. I got 8wheels you do the math!
LETUROKING 00 says (16 Feb 2010)

graffiti+rollerblade the best
Justin US says (12 Jul 2010)

These are awesome! I love them!

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Uploaded by: akari

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Carbon 1

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Uploaded: 10 Feb 2010
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