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Last Seen: 29 Oct 2011
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MagmA XsjremZ
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MagmA XsjremZ
01 Nov 2011 comment on MagmA XsjremZ

Yes, I cut the Xsjado cuff.
These skates are amazing.
They are very comfortable.
xsjado basic 09
18 Aug 2010 comment on xsjado basic 09

Yes, I cut the Linner, but I cut it inside and then sewed it back.<BR><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" title="" Zc="'I" Yc="'También" closure_uid_r846u="377" abajo.' más ?Linner? en atornillar para xsjado cuff el agujeros nuevos hice ' below. in screw to the holes new made also>I also made new holes in the cuff xsjado to screw in "Linner" below. </SPAN>The "linner" only is screwed in the back.<BR><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" title="" Zc="I put down the cuff as possible." Yc="Puse el cuff lo más abajo posible." closure_uid_r846u="379">I put down the cuff as possible.</SPAN>
xsjado basic 09
17 Aug 2010 comment on xsjado basic 09

Hey man...<BR><BR>Your IDEA is good, but is not new.<BR><BR>Look my "GorillaFeets"<BR><BR><IMG style="WIDTH: 1678px; HEIGHT: 1168px" border=0 src="http://api.ning.com/files/tOPZzZDjS2O6GaSuN9eX4fqKDwDR2Kwz4bF8M5rKXSpuCfTgAZphyBM5WUySFFlVJkJc4RNW5O*n4xakd6KINj0nSFBIoR-q/Xsjado01.jpg" width=1923 height=1408><IMG style="WIDTH: 1680px; HEIGHT: 1172px" border=0 src="http://api.ning.com/files/LNDnKza66e8C3Me1jowPHMEVqfNXJN1T1N-0mVFJk-*ehUAT3B1vX3Fsq40BW2MVZlh8EC-TcmQzj0v6XzCM5f*HtQa26Jk-/Imagen025.jpg" width=1934 height=1417><BR>
TRS Morales
17 Aug 2010 comment on TRS Morales

Hey man...<BR>Good look.
Carbons SK
10 Feb 2010 comment on Carbons SK

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Muy fregones... Insane

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