Custom USD Aaron Feinberg 3

an update of parts since my last one - Chino M-type


benNy 00 says (06 Apr 2007)

.......they aint Aaron Feinberg 3s
Kloob 00 says (08 Apr 2007)

actually m8, i bought thte skate, with sifika liners and suspensions frames and all khaki parts. i just put white souls and a white cuff on them and a different liner and frame. so it is a custom aaron feinberg 3 classic throne....prick....i know what skate i've got
benNy 00 says (10 Apr 2007)

well to say the colour is different also the cuffs, frames, bolts, liners and sole plates..that to me mean the only thing on them skates that were there original are those fucking wheels...prick....
Kloob 00 says (10 Apr 2007)

sorry, youre the prick here, its a CUSTOM aaron feinberg 3 setup! CUUUSSSSTTOOMM! it sstill the same skate, just with custom parts on it, if you bought razor murda 2, stuck on red cuffs, souls and backaslide plate, it'd still be called a custom murda shut it, dick
benNy 00 says (11 Apr 2007)

im not gunna be petty and argue with you but the only thing on that shitty skate is the middle boot......its like getting a farrari with a nova engine....not the same
Kloob 00 says (12 Apr 2007)

the only reason you're not arguing, is because you know im right. and so does everyone here. and the skates aint shit, they're probably better than yours. and skates cant be shit, its all personal preference and depends on the skater, you're just too immature and shit to notice that
benNy 00 says (12 Apr 2007)

[quote=] ferrari with nova engine? it would be a custom ferrari so, kloob skates are feiberg custom. he chage lots of parts, but still a feiberg boot[/quote] nahhhh it means it looks like a farrari...but it really those can you call somting costume if its totally different to it....pratcally a new skates....
benNy 00 says (12 Apr 2007)

[quote=Kloob]and the skates aint shit, they're probably better than yours. [/quote] .........same skate idiot.
Kloob 00 says (12 Apr 2007)

then how are they shit? mine are just a CUSTOM feinberg 3
benNy 00 says (12 Apr 2007) not saying hes not allowed them.....Lol who are you.....i was just saying 70 , 80 % of that skate isnt usd so how can you call them USDs Lol...anyways thats my opinion.....all that matters if they skate good - . ^
Kloob 00 says (13 Apr 2007)

70% is USD,shell. souls, cuff, cuff buckle, laces. just face it m8, they are feinberg 3's
benNy 00 says (21 Apr 2007)

nahh dont think so.
Kloob 00 says (24 Apr 2007)

well then, you're wrong. simple as
ede 00 says (24 Apr 2007)

hey, this post was make me thinking about something: what is set up your skates? chnge any part and yet?, well, if I've got some throne and I change the coff, it's yet a set up,right?, and, if I get a throne and change all fucking parts except boot, it still being a throne, but customized, right? well, why the fuck if this guy, was buyed a feinberg throne and was changed all parts except the shell, you're saying that it's not a feinberg's throne?, thinking like this, if you get a feinberg thorne and change the buckle, this is not a feinberg throne yet, right? and think one thing, if I get a murda2 and put wheels, soulplates, backslideplates, cuffs, laces, frames, screws, bearings and bucles of the shima3, what fucking skate I've got? a shima3 with murda2 shell, or a murda2 with shima3 parts? or noone of both? well, i think that the shell rules, and if this skates get's feinberg's shell, it's still being a feinberg's throne, no matter what parts get. anyway, that's cool man! I've ever thinked that this skates must get white parts. P.I.M.P.!!!!!!
quincy07 00 says (27 Jul 2007)

lmfao at benny!!! the souls the cuff the shell is all usd! the shell is feinberg 3 so its a CUSTOM FEINBERG!!! its a nie custom too
joejamin121 00 says (16 Mar 2008)

benNy is a prick!
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (14 Jul 2008)

You guys dont hav nothing better to do than diss other peoples skates....Rollers hatin on roller s....Come on people, we should be getting together and hatin on other peeps instead of ourselves. We all have a passion for rollin', and thats something we all share, and any skater can call their skate whatever they want to call them, they can call them bettys for all I care. Less time hatin', more time for skatin', aight? NUFF said!

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Uploaded by: Kloob

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 06 Apr 2007
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