Feinberg Dyed Chartruese

just some new fienberg dyed with my favorite liner -


SkateSetup DE says (18 Nov 2007)

Sick should have dyed the souls too.... and them try it with a black cuff and a black frame
Jamo 00 says (18 Nov 2007)

these are sweet looking skates :D
Justin US says (18 Nov 2007)

Awesome. They look perfect. Don't dye the souls..
deln 00 says (18 Nov 2007)

ouch those liners are possibly the absolute worst.
Siegflor 00 says (19 Nov 2007)

Sweeeet man
Thisissoul NL says (20 Nov 2007)

[quote=AF]Sick should have dyed the souls too.... and them try it with a black cuff and a black frame[/quote] You are an idiot. If you dye a soulplate the paint will come right off
Thisissoul NL says (20 Nov 2007)

I love the colors by the way, and the fact that you dyed the buckle and the cuff screw in the same color
xbreakedgex 00 says (20 Nov 2007)

I just put those liners in my USD skates..do you find that they are a lil squished towrds the top were they lace over?
jcub US says (20 Nov 2007)

ok 1). usd cuffs have a plastic coating that onse dyed will ruin the color, it will just turn like a dirty water or shit brown 2). dying souls = dumb idea 3). thanks for the positive comment on the buckles 4). no my liners dont hur and they do rule - mine shells were dyed in a pot so they were very pliable so i shoved the liners in the dry warm shells all puffed out and stuffed with socks, it made a huge difference i am gonna do that to all my hard shelled skates for now on
blazinrokz 00 says (21 Nov 2007)

These skates are loving hot as hell. i loving love everything about them, the color, the soul plates, every detail. nice job man you deserve the props on this 1
blazinrokz 00 says (21 Nov 2007)

hehehehe loving hot as hell* clearly i cant talk and type at the same time LMAO but i'm also loving them so who cares. peace
UpSideDown 00 says (21 Nov 2007)

[highlight=rgb(0, 153, 0);]The Feinberg is awesome, I love Classic Thrones[/highlight]
deshi justin
deshi justin 00 says (22 Nov 2007)

sick skate. crapy liners :(
jcub US says (22 Nov 2007)

[quote=deshi justin]sick skate. crapy liners :([/quote] my favorite liners ands imma be sads when i cant buy another pair again...
sk8ergav 00 says (22 Nov 2007)

these sk8s r sick wer u get the dye / paint from (write bac)
jcub US says (23 Nov 2007)

[quote=sk8ergav]these sk8s r sick wer u get the dye / paint from (write bac)[/quote]<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>it was bought at just a local grocery store but ebay has some and online stores are also very available. Its called rit fabric dye<BR><BR><BR><BR><A href="http://www.ritdye.com/home.lasso" target=_blank>http://www.ritdye.com/home.lasso</A><BR>
speedy9_78 00 says (05 Jun 2008)

sooo fresh..nice job

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 18 Nov 2007
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