were originally USD Shifty's, custom red cuffs, legacy buckles, soul plates, GC Flt 2 shaman frames, range of different bearings, they now have M1 Damien Wilson wheels,the ones in the picture are standard shifty wheels though, shifty sifika liners and new red usd laces -


conquistador 00 says (18 Aug 2010)

How did you change the rubber circle on back of cuff? Can you buy this separately?
bluntyboy22 00 says (19 Aug 2010)

dude you cant change em unless you like ripped em off and superglued it lol, they arent the shifty cuffs, they are completely news cuffs, those ones are also sewn onto the plastic, unlike on the shifty cuffs they are just glued
teamphh PE says (13 Mar 2012)

dude those are my favorite boots. dont you hate the usd laces arent red,they are orange. i got the same kit, so upset.and the female part of the buckle doesnt work. whoever made that female part of the usd buckles is an idiot. im talking about the kit that comes with the skulls cuff bolts,laces,and straps.the other one that just comes laces and straps is legit. but the strap doesnt have the usd design on it. in the US that boot didnt come out until october 2010. thats cool in europe you get everything earlier.

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Uploaded by: bluntyboy22

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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