I got these RB Swindlers for £5 on good old ebay, bargain!
I saw Ivo from Thisissoul's rollerblade Squash with the USD Classic Throne plates, and decided to give it a go.

Added Valo frames, cause locoskates.com have them for £10, and they skate very similar to the Kizer Fluids.

Stock RB wheels and bearings. - Valo


daveed arevalo
daveed arevalo 00 says (23 Nov 2009)

YES!!! those are a classic mod set up!, i remember fabiola de silva rocking those! great job very clean
sweetpea123456789 GS says (23 Nov 2009)

Good mod. They must skate pretty sick.
Domi 00 says (23 Nov 2009)

those are hella sick! what size boot and plates? I have swindlers as well, but they're equipped with valo plates and are the lower cuff version with some newer stock liners. they skate fascinating. those were my first pair of skates. loving sick. I think you should cut the cuffs, they'd be better of that way.
jimmytarnat 00 says (23 Nov 2009)

Hey Domi, the skates are uk 11, and the plates are Large. i had some Squash / hermes before that i fitted Grycon souls too, but i didnt like the colour really. i am probably going to get a new cuff and liner at some point when i find some nice and cheap parts! i hope they will skate really well, i have swine flu at the moment, so no skating for me yet!
franktastic 00 says (24 Nov 2009)

can you do this too a m12 as well?
Thisissoul NL says (24 Nov 2009)

Yes you can. Look at this setup I did http://www.skatesetup.com/comments.php?id=3361 The swildler look great Jimmy!
jimmytarnat 00 says (24 Nov 2009)

I think so, they are based on the same original boot mould so it can't be that different
franktastic 00 says (25 Nov 2009)

thnx... i'll try it out on my old roces i think :)
DenZense CO says (02 Dec 2009)

very very nice looking skate
Edd20022 GB says (01 Apr 2011)

Great job mate, simple and classic!

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Uploaded by: jimmytarnat

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 23 Nov 2009
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