USD Classic Thrones with UFS Frame

-black classic Throne with black cuffs.
-1st Shima Psirus Liner(hell yeah they rock!)
-customized white UFS adapterplates combined with old black Juicy-Plate
-in front black plates
-white 1st generation 50/50 frames
-it's the UFS version of Latimers Throne in Coup de Tat -


SkateSetup DE says (20 Jun 2007)

are those the real 50/fifty juice plates?
chrisne84 00 says (21 Jun 2007)

Hey guys, i just wanna say some words to the development of usd's thrones. For me it is still the nicest skate by USD and for me also in the scene. I stopped skatin a few years ago with an classic throne with old(non UFS) 50/50 frames. In that time UFS was very new but existed! Now when i got back I see the new UFS-Plates for classic thrones and don't like them! I always liked the throne because of the dynamic look. Now it looks like a tank not like a throne. I think the Beauty of thrones is destroyed by the new plates. They look ugly! Sure, the new hard shit needs more space for grindin.... So i don't know what i do, if my old plates are detroyed by grindin?! Hopefuly a few people feel with me! [list][*]Thx[/list] Chris

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Uploaded by: chrisne84

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 20 Jun 2007
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