custom classic thrones

Size 12 classic thrones wheel wells in soul plates custom liner strap on back of white trust liners I have in the wheels that came with these small rb switch frames but ive had in as large as 78mm and can go maybe 80 or up on them kizer grind rocks liner is also velcoroed to bottom of the shell i slid in some plastic between the velcro put in liners and pulled out the plastic so the liner arent going anywhere also baked the shells and widened them out cause my feet suck prob few more tweaks ill need to make im thinking about puttin on something what shadow does or what rb is doing on there new skates rivited in velcro strap on the cuff instead of plastic supportive but some give and more durable seems like alot of boot co's are going to that also thought about doing a white power strap for extra heel lock also eye lits and cuff bolts have been sanded down to there knickle finish so all hardware mathches blah prob more but thats all i feel like typing if u have any question u can im me on yahoo screen name is muhfuka


wancha82 00 says (31 Mar 2012)

ive seen a few views no comments id honestly appreciate it
wancha82 00 says (31 Mar 2012)

ive seen a few views no comments id honestly appreciate it
Domi 00 says (02 Apr 2012)

ever heard of punctuation?! that shit is barely readable. I was going to comment but all I had to say was this
wancha82 00 says (03 Apr 2012)

Your aware there is no period at the end of your comment right. I think your supposed to capitalize the first letter of a word that starts a sentence too. All those mistakes and yet I still realize I would just love to fart in your mouth. You didn't have a comment either just a cry baby complaint.

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Uploaded by: wancha82

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Classic UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 31 Mar 2012
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